Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels are a "Retro-Fit" alternative to Conservatory Roof Tile & Slate systems, offering a quicker, less disruptive installation which can usually be completed within 2-3 days. 

Insulated Conservatory Roof Panel Installation - Bournemouth, DorsetYour new Conservatory Roof Panels will help reduce heat in Summer and retain heat in Winter, lowering your energy bills, allowing you to use your conservatory in comfort 365 days of the year and ultimately adding value to your home.

Lightweight & durable, Replacement Conservatory Roof Panels are effectively of 'sandwich' construction - with your insulated layer(s) sandwiched between weatherproof and specialist, impact resistant PVC layers. Inetrnal & External layers can be smooth or grained, are extremely resistant to scratching, are anti-graffiti, self-cleaning and are resistant to sea water.

Panels can provide excellent heat insulation and reduce external noise, with the thickness of your insulated layer only governed by the depth of your conservatory's existing roof purlins and rafters.

Conservatory Roof Panel Colour RangeExternal Colour Options

Panels are available in almost any colour within the RAL colour range, although standard applications are white or cream.

Spice Home's Roof Panels offer UV-Endurance, helping retain whichever original colour you choose - and they come with a 10 year Manufacturer's UV-Guarantee.

Choice of Internal Finishes & Roof Windows

As with Tiled Roof Systems, Spice Home can install Roof Vents & Windows within your replacement Conservatory Roof Panels to maximise natural light and improve ventilation when you need it - and you have a choice of internal ceiling finishes and internal lighting options.

conservatory roof panel internal finish conservatory roof panels interior 3 conservatory roof panels interior 1
Internal Ceiling Finish Options include Wood Finishes  Compliment your Replacement Roof Panels with Vents and Windows  Choice of Internal Finishing Options


Conservatory Roof Installation Videos

conservatory roof installation videoClick Here to Watch our Replacement Conservatory Roof Installation Videos...

Watch in-depth, step-by-step Videos showing the full installation process for your Replacement Conservatory Roof.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any stage of the installation process.