Fast build energy efficient home extensions

Spice Home are proud to offer an advanced technology, high quality, energy-efficient Home Extension Building System combining cutting edge Roof & Wall Systems to create a comfortable, warm and affordable living space.

home extensions brochureOur New Generation Home Extensions offer huge financial and performance advantages over conventional extensions with reduced construction times, fast-track planning & an energy-efficiency of up to 0.10 W/m2K U-value.

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Factory engineered & pre-assembled to your individual specifications, you enjoy superior quality over conventional on-site construction including breathable waterproof roof membrane, ventilated roof to eliminate condensation and mould growth and 3 layers of high performance rigid insulation board (125mm)

The factory built pre-engineered system enables a fast-track building process, which helps to reduce construction time. Once the wall and roof systems are in place, the shell is weather-tight and your follow-on trades can start work sooner, with the internal fit-out starting at the same time as the external finishes are applied. This delivers your extension project up to 50% faster & can reduce labour costs by up to 30%.

home extension roof system - bournemouth, dorset

home extension wall system 2 render

Choice of Traditional & Contemporary External Finishes

Render Timber Stone Brickslip Brick
home extension wall system - render external finish home extension wall system - timber external finish

home extension wall system - stone external finish

home extension wall system - brickslip external finish home extension wall system brick120

And you can choose to further enhance your new Home Extension from a range of design options:

Choice of Tile & Slate Colours for Your Home Extension

Both Slate & Tile Roof options are UV Resistant, retaining their colour under sunlight for many years. Fire-Resistant & Wind-Resistant, either option has a 25 Year Manufacturers' Warranty and has an average life expectancy of over 50 years.

conservatory roof slates - stone black conservatory roof slates steel grey conservatory roof slate chestnut brown conservatory roof slates brick red conservatory roof slates red rock conservatory roof slates plum
Stone Black
Steel Grey
Brown Slate
Brick Red
Red Rock
conservatory roof tiles ember 200 conservatory roof tiles walnut 200  conservatory roof tiles charcoal 200
 Ember Roof Tiles Walnut Roof Tiles  Charcoal Roof Tiles

We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any stage of the installation process.

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